Terms & Conditions


In this shop, we plan to handle imported products mainly.
The selling price will be the amount displayed (displayed price / consumption tax included).



Credit card transactions are available.
Payment will be confirmed at the time of product ordering.

It will be refunded according to the rules of STORES.jp,
For other than that, we will respond by bank transfer etc.

The settlement cancellation is due until 20th of the following month when the target settlement was made.
As an example, orders that were in June can cancel settlement until 20th July.

The purchaser must make payment within 3 days from the order.
If payment does not pass even after 3 days, the cancellation process will be performed automatically.
In addition, if you have canceled the order after payment has been paid by the purchaser and asked for refund, STORES.jp can not make refund correspondence. Please note.

In the case of settlement using bank transfer, it is necessary for the purchaser to pay within 3 days from the order.
If there is no payment even after three days from the order will be canceled automatically.

In the case of an order using postpay the following month, basically it is impossible to cancel.
However, only in case of unavoidable circumstances such as stock shortage,
Cancellation is possible from the order list if it is before the invoice is fixed (until the end of the order).




また、ご購入者様が代金をお支払いになった後に注文をキャンセルし、 返金を依頼してきた場合、STORES.jpでは返金対応を行うことが出来ません。予めご了承ください。



<Return Policy>

Products of our shop are purchasing only goods guaranteed quality by the inspection of third company agencies inside the company.
Therefore, in order to prevent troubles such as exchange of goods, except for the initial failure, we can not respond at all, so please understand beforehand on your purchase.



● We will ship directly from the manufacturing factory after ordering.
● Because it ship from overseas, it may take up to 50 days depending on the delivery situation around 14 days from arrival to the shortest. You can not select delivery at all.
● If by any chance, 90 days or more have passed since delivery, if you do not receive the item at hand, we will redeliver it or refund it in full.
● We will ship the item for each point. Bundled shipping is not received, so please understand.
● If you are in a hurry please use another store. We refuse orders for impatient, nervous people.
● We will inform you of the package number by e-mail notification at the time of shipment. Please check the delivery status of your luggage from the shipping company's website. Please also contact the transport company to arrange for contact for re-delivery notification so that you can contact us.



● Some items are out of stock depending on the purchase time of the item. In case of out of stock we will cancel your order and we will take refund response. Please note.
● Since the imported item is the main item, it may take about 50 days at maximum as long as 14 days at the shortest before delivering. Please note.
- Because we keep the offer price by directly sending from each country, returned goods are not accepted except initial failure etc.
- There may be some rubbing on transportation to the main body, outer box. Please note.




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